What is Printuitiv?

Printuitiv platform facilitates various business processes within a global 3D printed plant-based (vegan) meat ecosystem, by providing advanced functionalities for all business users in the supply chain (from production up to retail sales).

The platform is composed of:

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) module - composed of front pages that are visible to all visitors including "Map" and "Marketplace" offer functionalities that aim to "educate" consumers about 3D plant-based meat availability (having in mind that currently not so many people know that "New meat" exist), as well as to provide them an easy way to find and order the best quality products available at restaurants and retail stores near them.

Business-to-Business (B2B) module - require registering for business users (restaurants, retail stores, wholesales supplier and global brand owners) who can use advantages of the following functionalities in their B2B Admin panel:

1. To be visible for consumers in B2C module (by creating "My sales locations " and "My products".

2. Integrate consumer orders with existing last-mile delivery services (e.g. "Wolt "…).

3. Use order system to purchase from, or sell to another registered business users (only for PRESENTATION purpose at the moment).

4. Measure short-term and long-term (loyalty) Customer Satisfaction in every point of sales or supply chain. "Customers" can be both consumers and other businesses depending on your position in the supply chain (will be developed AFTER discussion with potentially interested clients).

5. Other functionalities that additionally increase total Customer eXperience (CX) and establish better communication with your customers include (but not limited to): localization of web interface to local languages and currencies, possibility to organize a standardised Customer Support Center (CSC) etc. (will be developed AFTER discussion with potentially interested clients).