For business users

As already briefly explained on page What is Printuitiv?, the platform facilitates various business processes within a global 3D printed plant-based meat ecosystem, by providing advanced functionalities for all business users in the supply chain (from production up to retail sales).

When you register as a business user in B2B (Business-to-Business) module, you are supposed to select one of available roles below:

  • "Retailer" – (restaurants and retail stores) will be visible to consumers in B2C modules and also to all business in B2B module. Can order larger quantities of plant-based meat products from the suppliers in B2B module and sell it directly to the consumer in B2C module.

  • "National supplier" – usually wholesales businesses (or maybe even local 3D printing services in the future) will be visible only to businesses registered in B2B module. Can supply retailers.

  • "Brand owner" - own product brands for plant-based meat, produce 3D printers and provide necessary materials. With this role, you can define unlimited number of sales offices globally and supply local retailers will be visible to business

Then, you will see your "User Amin panel" that looks like this:

Example of global marketplace for a "Brand owner"

All participants have an easy access to global sales and supply networks in this multi-shop marketplace, but with certain differences depending on selected role.

However, we expect that our main (VIP) clients will be "Brand owners" who are interested in developing its own global marketplace and network of representative offices, national suppliers, and retailers, as well as manage the most of business operations using a central reporting management system for sales orders, customer satisfaction and promotion.

Accordingly, starting page for such brand owner’s marketplace should be a page based on a tailored URL (best if you are already logged in B2B module, so you will be able to see all information):

Of course, this URL can be adapted using filters for various markets and purposes. For example, the following URL show only "Redefine meat" products and sales locations in Netherlands, in Dutch language where selling currency is EUR:

Further discussion needed

Considering that this platform is currently "Proof of concept", we are not going to go deep into the topic and present details about sales order management functionalities, customer satisfaction key performance indicators CSAT (short-term "Customer Satisfaction"), NPS ("Net Promoter Score" represents long-term satisfaction) CES ("Customer Effort Score") for consumers or business partners in every point of sales of supply chain.

As we’ve already mentioned, we hope to have an opportunity to develop these functionalities in discussion with interested clients.

If this may seem too complicated at first glance, we want to say that you shouldn’t worry since we will also include in a VIP subscription 2 hours of online consultation from our analytics expert each month.

Before you start using B2B admin-panel

Business user registration
  • Your user profile is based on your e-mail address.
  • When you register as a ‘User’ you will be able to see and edit your user data in left-hand-side navigation section "Account settings". Those data will be visible for Printuitiv Super-admin, but not for other platform visitors.
  • ‘User’ can purchase products from another business even without ‘Sales location’ visible on the platform because own business data will be available for supplier in the heading of order document.
  • At this stage is not possible to delete your user account from your Admin-panel, but you need to send an email to Printuitiv Super-admin

How to create "My sales location"

  • "Sales location" is necessary when users sell something.
  • Usually a business creates one ‘user’ on this platform and then creates one sales location with several products.
  • However, one user can create unlimited number os sales location under following conditions:
    • in the same country (user’s country)
    • with same identity (logo, etc)
    • with the same product asortiment (product attributes, price, language, etc.)
  • It means if a company run several chains of restaurant or retail stores, it needs to create coresponding number uf ‘users’ (see example of several restaurant brands from "Marco Perre White" family).
  • All sales location data are visible for visitors.
  • Name/title of a sales location doesn’t need to be unique, but we encourage you to add something specific as a suffix in order to make it more recognizable like city name or city-district name like in case of "Mr. White's - Leicester square"
  • Email can be the same for all locations.
  • When you create a sales location, it will not be immediately visible on the global map until you create at least one product.
  • Place/City of your sales location will not be immediately visible in filters in "Map" and "Marketplace". It usually takes up to 24 hours until we update the system. However, if you need it urgently, please send a request and explanation to Printuitiv Super-admin

How to create "My product"
  • Creation of a product is the same like in any online shop.
  • As already mentioned, your sales location will not be visible on the map until you create at least one product.

How to make order
  • At this stage of platform development, this functionality is for PRESENTATION PURPOSE ONLY.